Although we haven’t gotten the credentials we’ve definitely studied the field and dynamics of relationships. We also have a great team of professionals with experience in the field that has supported us in developing these courses. Out of that team we have three experts that lead the therapy department in providing clinical practice and/or faith-based interventions to the clients that desire to go beyond courses. 

We are always launching more courses. If you are interested in knowing about those courses, you can be added to our email roster and we will share with you right away when the course is launched. Discount. For registering early, you will receive a discount

If you need further guidance then please contact us for an assessment to determine if sessions with a relationship coach would provide more help.

Sometimes we may notice what we call the tip of the iceberg issues, but they are deeper issues that need to be addressed. You may possibly need further guidance to direct you towards interventions of those deeper issues prior to the “iceberg” concern. Please contact us directly to discuss further.

Improving anything takes time, diligence and patience. All of our relationship specialists are dynamic and well capable of helping you reach your goals.They each embody the core values and philosophy of Leading and Love and they will work with you to ensure you get optimal results. Once you register to work with us, a relationship specialist will be assigned to you.

When you initially meet your specialist, you will determine when you want to meet. You can simply reach out to your relationship specialist assigned to you.

Structure is very important in order to improve at anything. We recommend that you try your best to keep your appointment but we understand that circumstances do arise. If you miss an appointment, simply contact the specialist assigned to your needs and set a new appointment. If you know ahead of time that you might miss an appointment, then contact your specialist and schedule a new time or contact and we can take care of that for you.

Yes, you will decide with your specialist what time to meet one on one if you’ve signed up for a one-on-one package. If you’ve signed for group sessions, please keep in mind that times given by your specialists. If you desire one-on-one packages contact and we will set you up for the one-on-one package. Please keep in mind that the hours in the packages are shared between both partners.

You are free to request more hours outside of the initial package purchased. You’ll have to contact to purchase those additional sessions.