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Meet Gary & Julie Gallimore

Hi! We are Gary and Julie. Years ago we found ourselves continuously pursuing excellence in our professional careers, but not in our marriage…As competitive and successful as we were outside of our home, we should have naturally had a strong marriage right? WRONG!

I (Julie) was exhausted and said “See ya, I’m out”. Divorce seemed like the only and BEST option. But then we said let’s try one last time… from that last try we realized we had strayed far away from the foundation upon which we built our marriage when we were just 19 and 22. We realized we’d messed up some things and had to get over quite a few humps – mental, emotional, financial and even physical. Our plans became the basis that we created a marital strategy–just like you have to create a strategy to secure the “bag” you have to create a strategy to secure your relationship.

Since then we continue to refine our strategy and pursue excellence in all areas of our lives, not just our professional lives.

We decided the method we used to save our marriage is just too good NOT to share! We’ve partnered with licensed professionals to create a life changing product to build, maintain and restore the grounds on which you built your love!